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Anna Bay Surf School

Anna Bay Surf School - // Australia's surfing coast //

Warren Keogh started surfing at age 12 in 1987 at Redhead Beach by Lake Macquarie, Newcastle.

Launching Anna Bay Surf School in 2001, Warren was motivated in part by the realisation that just a few early lessons in how to properly handle a surfboard could have saved him years of frustration and injuries.

In true surfer style, he makes the most of small-town life in a coastal location for seven months of the year teaching budding board-riders.

During the Southern Hemisphere winter, he clocks off and heads to exotic and pristine surf destinations in Indonesia, New Guinea, Fiji or Samoa to re-connect with his free-surfing mojo.

After a few months with nothing on his mind but perfect waves, good food, cheap beer and new friends who share his passion, there’s little wonder that Warren’s surf students back at Anna Bay find it near impossible to wipe the cheery grin off his face.