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Avoca - // Australia's surfing coast //

Avoca is the heartland of Central Coast surfing, a 1.5km stretch of gritty sand that’s book-ended by a pair of imposing headlands. One of the first things people notice here is the steep sea-floor gradient that starts almost as soon as you get your toes wet.

Avoca has a quaint village feel with a mix of permanent residents and holiday makers. The place swells to bursting during school holidays, especially December-January. An historic cinema sets the scene of an old-world seaside vacation town; there are two caravan parks by the lake and a plethora of beach houses for rent.

The beach faces due east, hence its reputation as a super-consistent wave magnet – Pacific swells coming from just about any direction will find their way here. You can nearly always find something surf-able along this skate-park piece of coastline. The right-hand point-break that graces the south end is Avoca’s postcard wave and, depending on the size of the swell, offers plenty of joy for surfers of almost every level.

Getting there:
Avoca Beach is 89km north of Sydney, about 90 minutes’ drive.

Learn to surf schools:
Central Coast Surf School
Avoca Surf School

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