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Avoca Surf School

Avoca Surf School - // Australia's surfing coast //

Having grown up on the pristine northern beaches of Wollongong, Rob Allen brings more than 45 years of surfing, shaping and coaching experience to Avoca Surf School.

Formerly known as Powelly’s Surf School, the newly-named Avoca Surf School is a family affair with wife Kerry and son Marty all involved with the operation of the business, as well as utilising a number of the Central Coast’s most experienced surf coaches and breaks.

Having taught people, of all skill sets, to surf his entire life, Rob is also an experienced shaper, having worked with some of Australia’s most iconic and recognisable names.

During his successful 35-year shaping career, Rob has produced boards for Mick Carabine, Midget Farrelly, Nat Young and Geoff McCoy.

Being Avoca Beach residents for the past 30 years, Rob, Kerry and Marty bring superior knowledge of the local beaches, area and community to Avoca Surf School; as well as their two surf shops know as Three Points Surf.

 Despite all that he has accomplished, Rob still remembers one special day at Sandon Point.

Surfing the famous right-hand point break with the late Bobby Brown, Rob made a plywood fin and set it in with melted boardwax using his mother’s favourite saucepan – a smell he still remembers each time he waxes up a board.

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Avoca Surf School

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