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Beach and surf safety

Beach and surf safety - // Australia's surfing coast //

The ocean is a force of nature so it pays to play safe and abide by a few simple surf and beach safety tips.

Surf Safety

1. Check the conditions

2. Check your gear

3. Never surf alone

4. Surf within your ability

5. Follow the

surfer’s code

6. Don’t mix surfing with alcohol and drugs

7. Don’t surf (or swim) at night
8. Wait at least 30 minutes after eating before going into the water



of dehydration and hypothermia

10. If you run into trouble

, keep your board close to you

11. Know your beach safety rules

12. Stretch before you surf

Beach Safety

1. Pay attention to the

beach safety signs

2. Take the time to assess the conditions

3. Learn how to spot rips

4. If you get caught in a rip

5. Have

surfing lessons

before you start

6. Know surf saftey tips and respect the


surfers code

7. Keep your belongings safe

8. Know how to spot a lifeguard