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Broulee - // Australia's surfing coast //

Sheltered from big south swells by Broulee Island, Broulee Beach is ideal for long-boarders and beginners with easy-breaking waves on most tides. Just around the headland, southeast-facing South Broulee offers a nice left-hander that’s blessedly protected from the northeast summer sea breeze.

Long-boarders looking for a cruisey ride tend to congregate by Tomakin River mouth to the north of Broulee.

The town itself consists of a few residential streets, a post office, general store, take-away eatery and surf shop. It’s a popular holiday-home location for Canberra-based professionals who descend on the town in summer.

Broulee Island Nature Reserve is actually connected to the coast and offers peaceful walks and some fine snorkelling; it also has a very gnarly wave on its north perimeter known as “pink rocks” that breaks over a reef and is for experienced board-riders only.

Getting there:
Broulee is 300km south of Sydney, about 4.5 hours’ drive.

Learn to surf school:
Broulee Surf School

Things to do and see in Broulee