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Collaroy - // Australia's surfing coast //

Collaroy is partly protected from wind and swell from the south and is thus a great option for beginner surfers when a southerly hits. There’s even a gentle point-break that wraps round the south headland, appropriately known as Powder Puff Point.

As the place misses the big swells and has no natural barrier against the northeast sea breeze, it’s mostly avoided by the more accomplished board-riders on Sydney’s northern peninsula.

While advanced surfers are more likely to look at nearby wave-magnets such as Narrabeen and Long Reef, Collaroy does offer a considerable advantage in amenities for visitors. Just over the road from the beach is a YHA backpackers, surf shops, a café and restaurant strip and a cinema.

Getting there:
Collaroy is one of Sydney’s northern beaches, 40 minutes' drive from the city centre; buses run regularly.

Learn to surf school:
Manly Surf School

Things to do and see in the area