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Crescent Head

Crescent Head - // Australia's surfing coast //

Crescent Head is one of the few places in Australia where the spirit of the 1960s surfing counter-culture lives on, an easy-going “share the ocean” vibe still embraced by the local surfing tribes.

Along this magical stretch of coastline north of Port Macquarie are four perfect right-hand point-breaks, tailor-made for malibu riders, grommets and beginners and capable of generating miracle rides of up to 250 metres. Six northern corners along here also produce anything from crazy left-hand wedges to gentle blue fun in the sun.

About halfway between Crescent Head and Point Plomer is the brilliantly named Delicate Nobby, a wedge-shaped rock formation that starts just off the beach and spears out into the Pacific. There are rideable beach breaks either side with solid banks that can deliver a fair bit of grunt.

The campground here (west side of Point Plomer Road) is easy to drive past unawares and it’s an ideal stop-off for anyone on a camping surf safari. Crescent Head’s main campground is situated right on the headland by its famous postcard break.

In June 2008, Crescent Head, home of the Dunghutti people, was declared a National Surfing Reserve, the fourth site in Australia to be recognised for its special significance to surfing.

Getting there:
Crescent Head is 436km north of Sydney, about 5.5 hours’ drive. You can also fly into Port Macquarie airport, which is about a 45 minute drive to Crescent Head.

Learn to surf school:
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