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Crescent Head Learn to Surf

Crescent Head Learn to Surf - // Australia's surfing coast //

Crescent Head Learn to Surf is owned and run by legendary Australian long-boarder Dave Simons.

A surfer since age nine, Dave now holds almost as many qualifications in coaching, first aid and surf instruction as he does international long-board competition trophies.

Having been a favourite with film-makers over the last couple of decades, Dave features regularly in surf magazines and movies alongside fellow surf legends.

He even found himself part of the sport’s pioneer “tow-in” revolution, when in a massive swell at Queensland’s Snapper Rocks in 1998, he joined Association of Surfing Professionals world champions Kelly Slater and Tom Curren in using jet-skis to tow each another into massive waves, one of the first times this was tried in Australia.

Dave still counts his ability to show learn-to-surfers how to have fun in the ocean as his greatest asset. He will admit however that he’s in the luxurious position of having some of the longest, smoothest waves in the Southern Hemisphere to work with when he’s teaching.

“You can’t beat those amazing days on the point at Crescent during winter when the westerly is blowing, a southeast swell is running and the water is clear blue."

"I’ve travelled around the world surfing and have yet to find a long-board wave to equal it!”