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Forster - // Australia's surfing coast //

The 43km stretch of coast from Forster down to Seal Rocks encompasses some of the most beautiful and least-congested surfing locations in NSW, with One Mile being effectively Forster’s town beach.

Forster-Tuncurry, twin towns split by the narrow entrance of Wallis Lake, is a popular family holiday destination and the accommodation and services hub for the Great Lakes region. There is a range of hotels, motels, pubs and campgrounds as well as supermarkets, surf stores, fishing gear retailers and dive operators. Excellent beach, rock, lake and estuary fishing abounds, and Forster also lays claim to producing some of the best oysters anywhere on the east coast of Australia.

A succession of beach breaks on One Mile keeps board-riders happy most days of the year, and as the south end is patrolled by Cape Hawk Surf Club lifesavers, it’s a good bet for families and visitors with limited experience of surf beach conditions.

When the swell is big there are spots around Forster that can handle it, notably the reef break known as Haydon’s Rock. Haydon’s sits quiet and peaceful most of the year, but when an east coast low hits, it can really go off, bringing spectators out to see who among the local wave-riding wizards can wallpaper themselves to the rock.

Getting there:
Forster is 303km north of Sydney, about 4 hours’ drive. You can also fly into Port Macquarie airport, which is about a 90 minute drive to Forster.

Learn to surf school:
Great Lakes Surf School

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