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Lennox Head

Lennox Head - // Australia's surfing coast //

Endlessly photographed, filmed and fawned over, the right-hand point-break at Lennox Head is one of Australia’s most famous waves, consistently ranked in the top 10 waves of Australia's 10,685 beaches.

In recent years Lennox Head has become “the new Byron Bay”, attracting people from all over Australia to a coastal lifestyle. As a result it’s becoming slowly gentrified; you’ll find upmarket restaurants and pubs in town, and a generally more sophisticated air than at neighbouring Ballina and Evans Head.

The Lennox Head point break is beautiful to look at but powerful, and to ride it you need to find space among dozens of red-hot local surfers, so it’s not the place for beginners. It breaks onto sand, but there are some round smooth rocks to be scrambled over. Meanwhile, the “Magic Miles” between Lennox Head and Ballina offers a mixture of beach breaks and reefs that work on a variety of wind and swell directions. The only time there aren’t any waves on the Magic Miles is when there’s no swell at all.

Lennox Head was declared a National Surfing Reserve in February 2007, the third site in Australia to be recognised for its significance to recreational surfing. The largest National Surfing Reserve in Australia, it runs 7.2km from the Surf Club south to Flat Rock.

Getting there:
Lennox Head is 751km north of Sydney, about 10 hours’ drive. You can also fly Sydney to Ballina, which is about a 15 minute drive to Lennox Head.

Learn to surf school:
Summerland Surf School

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