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Lets Go Surfing - // Australia's surfing coast //

Brenda Miley and partner Craig “Wacca” Wachholz started Lets Go Surfing in proper surfer style – out of the back of a van at south Bondi in 1995.

Brenda put to good use the dedication she’d learned as a medal-winning sportswoman, encouraging participation in surfing among women and facilitating learn-to-surf experiences for less privileged people in the community.

A tireless organiser and advocate for women’s sport, Brenda founded the Bondi Girls Surf Riders in March 1999, an association of women who “free surf” and also compete together.

It came as no surprise when Brenda was appointed National Women’s Director of Surfing Australia in 2002.

Brenda’s other half Wacca took his first ride on a wave at north Bondi’s “kiddie’s corner” in 1968 on a Midget Farrelly Coolite soft-board.

After joining North Bondi Surf club, he was soon competing in state and national competitions, but Wacca’s career took a U-turn in the late 70s when his musical ambitions pushed surfing to one side.

With Lets Go Surfing, Wacca finds himself back at north Bondi on a soft-board once again, sharing his unique rock and roll aesthetic and love of surfing and Aussie beach culture with visitors and the next generation of local grommets.

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