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Long Reef

Long Reef - // Australia's surfing coast //

Long Reef is one of the most visually arresting of Sydney’s northern peninsula beaches, with a headland that comes complete with a stunningly-situated golf course and an extended protruding reef that’s a protected aquatic reserve.

A bit of rock-hopping about the Long Reef Aquatic Reserve will usually turn up a few interesting marine creatures, or migratory wading birds like the Ruddy Turnstone which travels here from its breeding grounds in Siberia.

There are offshore reefs in the north (the Long Reef Bomboras) and beach breaks running the entire 1.6km south to Dee Why and, on weekdays especially, there’s every chance of getting a quality wave to yourself.

The Long Reef Bomboras starts to break at one metre or so and in a big south swell can produce a beautiful wave up to five metres. Reliable sandbanks shape beach breaks that are great for beginners and intermediate surfers, especially in summer with the northern headland blocking passage of both the sea breeze and any marine stingers drifting with it.

There are no shops or cafes beachside at Long Reef, just a small kiosk selling ice-creams, cold drinks and coffee. A short walk will take you to Upper Crust pie shop, reputedly one of the best spots for classic Aussie pies.

Getting there:
Long Reef is one of Sydney’s northern beaches, 40 minutes' drive from the city centre; buses run regularly.

Learn to surf school:
Manly Surf School

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