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Manly - // Australia's surfing coast //

In company with Bondi, Manly Beach is Sydney’s most iconic strip of sand, named by the State’s first governor Arthur Phillip in 1788 for the impression made on him by “the confidence and manly behaviour” of the area’s Aborigines.

The south end of the beach is ideal for learners with its reliable sandbanks and easy spilling waves.

Queenscliff Bommie, 1.5km away at the north end of the beach, can handle waves up to five metres on its day, but you need a large board and sometimes even a jet ski to tackle it.

North Steyne Surf Club marks the middle of the beach and from here up to Queenscliff there are punchy barrels that are great for advanced surfers. Manly has been the breeding ground for a litany of champion surfers, notably Layne Beachley, Pam Burridge, Barton Lynch and Midget Farrelly.

Surfing is so embedded in the culture here that there are about 10 surf shops in Manly, making it a great place to shop for clothing and equipment. Other popular activities on offer include beach volleyball, kayaking and scuba diving.

You could stay for weeks while you work on your surfing, learn to dive, roller-blade the esplanade, sample some of the dozens of restaurants and cafes and catch some of Sydney’s best musicians performing live at the area’s pub venues.

Getting there:
Manly is one of Sydney’s northern beaches, 30 minutes' drive from the city centre; buses run regularly.

Learn to surf school:
Manly Surf School

Things to do and see in Manly