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Manly Surf School

Manly Surf School - // Australia's surfing coast //

In true Aussie beach-kid style, Manly Surf School founder Matt Grainger caught his first waves on a Hanimex foamy at Sydney’s Long Reef, watching in awe as the big boys charged the outside bommie when it was three metres plus.

Turning up as a ten-year-old grommet at Warringah Council Surf School, Matt graduated to junior instructor just two years later.

Along with brothers Tim and Arnie, Matt went on to win various Northern Beaches and NSW surfing titles, then worked his way through a degree in leisure and tourism before taking on the challenging role of recreation officer for disadvantaged kids at Royal Far West Children’s Health Scheme.

Surfing was never far from Matt’s mind however, and on one of many overseas surfing safaris he was photographed riding giants at legendary “Log Cabins” in Hawaii in 1991, appearing on the cover of Australian Surfing Life magazine.

After launching his surf school at Manly in 1995, Matt expanded operations along Sydney’s northern peninsula to Long Reef, Collaroy and Palm Beach.

In recent years he has coached several of Australia’s elite board-riders, including 2006 women’s world champion Chelsea Georgeson and Association of Surfing Professionals top 10 competitor Tom Whitaker.

Surfing Tours

Manly Surf School runs a one-day surfing tour of Sydney's Northern Beaches from Manly to Palm Beach.