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Maroubra - // Australia's surfing coast //

Facing east-southeast, Maroubra Beach (“The ‘Bra”) is a 1km curved strip of sand backed by a rifle range and a low-key residential neighbourhood that has a pub and two clubs, surf shops and a short strip with some restaurant and café gems. Families are also drawn to the beach’s picnic areas, shaded playgrounds and safe rock pools.

A decent swell brings three or four beach breaks to life, and on a happening day, board-riders are spread, more-or-less, the length of the beach. The reef at the south end creates Maroubra’s premium wave, which on a south swell and with a southwest breeze breaks as a classic barrelling right-hander.

Getting there:
Maroubra is one of Sydney’s eastern suburbs, 30 minutes' drive from the city centre; buses run regularly.

Learn to surf schools:
Surfing NSW Elite Surf School
Sydney Safe Surf School

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