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Movies, books & magazines - // Australia's surfing coast //

There are lots of great movies, books and magazines to help you understand surf culture and give you tips and trips to improve your form.

Here are some of the best:

Surf Movies

The Endless Summer (Bruce Brown, 1966)
Big Wednesday (John Milius, 1978)
Morning of the Earth (Alby Falzon, 1972)
Kelly Slater in Black and White (Richard Woolcott, 1991)
Green Iguana (Jack McCoy, 1992)
Momentum (Taylor Steele, 1992)
Searching for Tom Curren (Sonny Miller and Derek Hynd, 1996)
Thicker Than Water (Chris Malloy, Emmett Malloy and Jack Johnson, 1999)
Montaj (Matt Gye, 2002)
Stranger Than Fiction (Taylor Steele, 2008)
Blue Crush (John Stockwell, 2002)
Point Break (Katherine Bigelow, 1991)
In God’s Hands (Zalman King, 1998)
Apocalypse Now (Francis Ford Coppola, 1979)
Puberty Blues (Bruce Beresford, 1981)

Surf Books

Nat’s Nat and That’s That (Nat Young, 1998)
Mark Warren’s Atlas of Australian Surfing (Mark Warren)
Pipe Dreams - A Surfer's Journey (Kelly Slater with Jason Borte, 2003)
The Complete History of Surfing (Nat Young, 2008)
The Encyclopedia of Surfing (Matt Warshaw, 2003)
Lockie Leonard, Scumbuster (Tim Winton, 1993)
Occy: The Rise and Fall of Mark Occhilupo (Mark Occhilupo with Tim Baker, 2009)
Bustin’ Down the Door (Wayne Bartholomew with Tim Baker, 1996)
MP: The Story of Michael Peterson (Sean Doherty, 2007)

Surf Magazines

Australian Surfing Life
Fast fact:
Filmed in 1981, Puberty Blues saw the fledgling film career of former Association of Surfing Professionals World Champion Mark Occhilupo take off in style.