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North Wollongong

North Wollongong - // Australia's surfing coast //

North Wollongong is a smallish beach at around 450m and as it faces northeast, works best with north-northeast swell. The waves produced by these northerly swells generate a beautiful bowl section, occasionally with a long open wall progressing down the beach and are better suited to short-board theatrics than long-board cruising.

The southern corner, known locally as “The Alley”, is known to fire up when the swell is from the south-southeast, but it’s a notoriously fickle break that goes missing for months at a time. North Wollongong can get extremely crowded during summer and is great for people learning to surf when the waves are up to two metres, although anything bigger will break hard so is best left to experienced surfers.

Ideal for families with its rock pools, grassed areas, shade and picnic booths and children’s playground, North Wollongong also has a bicycle, walking track and free parking – a bonus for a city beach. This beach is patrolled year-round and is close to Wollongong city centre so there’s no shortage of accommodation, surf shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, sports and live music venues within easy reach.

Getting there:
North Wollongong is 85km south of Sydney, about 90 minutes’ drive.

Learn to surf school:
Taupu Surf School

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