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Rusty Miller Personalised Surfing Instruction

Rusty Miller Personalised Surfing Instruction - // Australia's surfing coast //

The Rusty Miller story reads a bit like the story of surfing itself: started out in the ocean off Encinitas California in 1953; made his name in the '60s riding giants at Hawaii’s Sunset Beach, Waimea Bay and Pipeline; crowned USA surfing champion in 1965; moved to Byron Bay in the early 70s as surfing started to find a mainstream market.

He began teaching learn-to-surfers in Byron Bay in 1973 and, on realising soft boards were the best option for beginners asked Tom Morey, inventor of the boogie board, to make some for him.

Facilitating the safe enjoyment of the ocean has occupied him ever since and Rusty is in large part responsible for the safety protocols adopted by Australia’s national surf schools.

As something of a local identity, since 1984 Rusty has produced the Byron Bay Holiday Guide, a free booklet that encourages locals and visitors to embrace the spirit of Byron with news, photos and stories about the area’s lifestyle and adventure activities.

Rusty takes personalised lessons only (one or two people), based on a rhythm technique he calls Hawaiian Surfboard Riding.

In his words, one coaching session may be all a person needs to embark on their own journey in the waves.

"You get one lesson and then it’s a lifetime of surfing homework."