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Surfers' code of conduct

Surfers' code of conduct - // Australia's surfing coast //

The surfers' code is a set of universal surfing safety tips, rules and unwritten laws that you must abide. This is surfing etiquette that applies to everyone in the surf whether young or old, beginner or pro.

Follow these simple rules and you’ll save yourself a nasty accident or car park brawl.

1. Don’t drop in

Basically, this means the person closest to the breaking wave has the right to ride it. Wait your turn in the lineup. (As a beginner, avoid the lineup until you are confident you can do controlled take-offs). And don’t catch a wave and then turn straight back around.

2. Paddle wide

Don’t paddle out to the line-up through the impact zone (where the waves are breaking and people are surfing) or where others are waiting to catch a wave. When paddling out, a surfer riding the wave always has right of way.

3. Communicate

When catching a wave let others know which way you are going. Refrain from verbally abusing other surfers.

4. Don’t throw your board

Hang on to your board. Learn to duck dive to get under waves. Make sure your leg rope is intact. Never throw your board – it could seriously injure someone.

5. Respect the beach, the ocean and others

Respect the beach locals, don’t be a wave hog and respect more experienced surfers than yourself. Do your bit to keep the beach and ocean clean.

More information:
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