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Surfing Byron Bay

Surfing Byron Bay - // Australia's surfing coast //

South Australian Serena Adams took her first ride on surfboard with her father at the tender age of three, but counts the day she did her first cut-back as her proper initiation into the sport.

She soon joined her parents, brothers and sisters competing at state and national surfing titles.

Serena’s mum Christine was a pioneer of South Australian surfing, and in 1991 launched the State’s first surf school together with then Australian Surf Team captain, Brian “Squizzy” Taylor.

Now an integral part of the team at Surfing Byron Bay, Christine is an accredited level one surf coach and international level three surf competition judge.

Serena’s partner Matt first hit the waves at Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast aged 10.

A naturally talented “goofy-footer”, Matt eschewed competition for the life of the “soul surfer”.

Serena and Matt moved to Byron Bay in the early 90s, where they joined the staff at another surf school before starting Surfing Byron Bay in 1997.

The family’s surfing dynasty appears assured into at least a third generation, as Matt and Serena’s two children will soon be joining them out in the waves at Byron Bay.

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Surfing Byron Bay

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