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Surfing lingo

Surfing lingo - // Australia's surfing coast //

As a 'kook' (beginner surfer), it may take a while to learn how to walk the talk (so to speak).

Here's a little bit of surfing lingo that will at least help you talk the talk:

Bailing out

A term used to describe the action of a surfer who seems to have committed to a wave, but changed his/her mind at the last minute and pulled out.


Refers to a turn in which the surfer moves back towards the white water, increasing the amount of time a wave can be ridden before the surfer pulls out.

Dropping in

Refers to 'dropping in' on a wave in front of someone who is already riding it, forcing them to abandon the wave. This is a serious breach of surfing etiquette, which is to be avoided at all costs!


A term which refers to the act of pulling out of a wave.


A term which refers to obstructing a surfer who has right of way on a wave.


The name given to a sharp turn executed off the top of the wave.


A method used at many big wave surfing locations in which the surfer is towed into a wave by a jet-ski, boat or helicopter in order to surf waves which are too large to be successfully paddled into.


Word used to describe what happens when a surfer falls from his/her board while riding a wave.

Handy hint:
A cutback, one of the most commonly produced moves in a surfers arsenal, is also referred to as a 'cutty', 'hack', 'gouge', 'whack' and a 'slash'.