australia's surfing coast

from eden to bondi, to byron bay & beyond


Sydney - // Australia's surfing coast //

Sydney is home to 39 ocean beaches including two of Australia's most famous stretches of sand, Bondi and Manly.

Sydney offers one of the most enviable beach lifestyles in Australia.

From world-famous beaches to the glamour spots of Tamarama and Palm Beach, and the serious surf breaks at Cronulla, there's a surf beach for just about everyone within a 10km radius of the city centre.

Having seen an abundance of Australia's surfing champions nurtured on the city's beaches, there is a multitude of prestigious surf schools with accredited, knowledgeable and talented staff willing and waiting.

Sydney North

Manly Surf School

Sydney East

Lets Go Surfing

Sydney South

Cronulla Surfing Academy
Surfing Cronulla Surf School
Surfing NSW Elite Surf School
Sydney Safe Surf School