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Tathra - // Australia's surfing coast //

Tathra Beach is 2.5km in length and, facing east, it catches plenty of Pacific swell. Its prominent southern headland also provides protection from southerly winds. South swells wrap around the point to shape a lovely wave that anyone from a beginner to a long-board whiz can ride into the sandy southern banks, especially during winter.

More experienced riders tend to head further up the beach to one or another of the regular sandbanks, and might even be treated to a classic left-hander at the river mouth on the rare occasions when it’s breaking.

In summer, experienced locals know to hit it early to beat the nor’easter and there’s a crew of old chaps out on short-boards most days around dawn. The grommets land soon after, usually going for a break known as “The Pole” which can break left or right across the sandbar, and “Clubhouse” for a right-hander before the surf patrol swim area flags go up.

The national parks that surround Tathra Harbour have plenty of isolated breaks that reward a bit of surf exploration and adventure.

Located right on the beachfront, Tathra Beach Tourist Park has cabins and family cottages, camping and caravan sites, swimming pool, camp kitchen and playground areas for kids. Tathra Beach & Bike has all manner of surf equipment and bicycles for sale and hire just across from the beach.

Getting there:
Tathra is 424km south of Sydney, about 6.5 hours’ drive.

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