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Terrigal - // Australia's surfing coast //

Terrigal has the most cosmopolitan community among the various Central Coast hamlets and offers the greatest variety of fashion and dining. There’s no shortage of four-star hotels and resorts, while the luxury villas of well-heeled locals and wealthy Sydneysiders overlook the spectacle of beach life from the hills above.

At 2.8km Wamberal-Terrigal Beach is considerably longer than neighbouring Avoca but the most surfable waves are generally found north past “The Bend”, after which you could be treated to a bunch of sculpted sand banks and accommodating rips right up to Wamberal at the north end of the beach.

The heavy right-hand point-break off Terrigal Haven should be labelled “for experienced surfers only”, but it’s a great looking wave that can be enjoyed (visually at least) by everyone.

Getting there:
Terrigal is 85km north of Sydney, about 90 minutes’ drive.

Learn to surf schools:
Central Coast Surf School
Gosford City Surf School

Things to see and do in Terrigal