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What to expect from a lesson

What to expect from a lesson - // Australia's surfing coast //

So you’ve decided you want to learn to surf. The next big question is where to start?

The short answer is sign up for lessons.

You’ll be streets (or should we say waves) ahead of trying to work it out on your own.

What to expect from your first lesson?

In your first lesson, you’ll learn about beach and surf safety, how to identify rips, how to paddle and catch a white wave (broken wave).

On your second lesson you’ll learn how to stand up and do an ‘Eskimo roll’ (to get under a breaking wave).

By your third lesson you’ll know how to get ‘out the back’ (past the broken waves) and catch a green (unbroken) wave.

After three lessons you’ll have the skills to grab a board and go surfing with confidence.

Stick to beginners breaks' until you are ready for something a bit more challenging. It’s also a good idea to go back to surf school for more lessons at this stage.

What to expect from advanced lessons?

Once you’ve got the hang of catching a green wave, it’s a good idea to head back to surf school to finesse your skills.

In advanced lessons you’ll learn how to manoeuvre your board across the wave and do all the cool stuff like turns, cut backs, re-entries and floaters.

One-on-one lessons are also great for improving your technique.

Many surf schools offer multiple-class discounts so make sure you ask about these when you sign up for lessons.

Why choose a Surfing NSW-accredited school?

Surfing NSW accredited surf schools have had to jump through some hoops to get our tick of approval.

First and foremost it’s about safety in numbers, so you’ll never have a ratio of more than eight surfers to an instructor.

The instructors are also not only talented surfers (some with pro careers), but have the mandatory Senior First-Aid, Resuscitation and Bronze Medallion certification.

Fast fact:
Surfing NSW has 34 accredited surf schools from Eden to Bondi, Byron Bay and beyond.